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Timothy Duma - Why Play Sports?

Timothy Duma is a busy entrepreneur who is widely known as NASCAR champion. Timothy Duma enjoys an active lifestyle with regular exercise, a healthy diet and competitive sports with friends. From tennis to soccer, he enjoys friendly competition and makes time for it as often as he can.

If you’re interested in joining active individuals like Timothy Duma, in a bit of friendly competition, that’s great! Try joining a local soccer team, signing up for a tennis class or inviting your friends for a casual game of frisbee. The benefits below might give you the extra motivation you need to get involved sooner rather than later:

·Get in Shape

Playing sports will burn calories, build muscle, improve your hand-eye coordination, increase your cardiovascular endurance and otherwise tone your body. The more you play, the faster you’ll get in shape, too.

That said, it’s important to start slow – playing maybe once a week – so your body has time to adjust to increased levels of activity. This prevents injury and helps you avoid burnout.

·Make New Friends

You’ll likely meet a lot of new people when you start playing sports. This is a great chance to make new friends, get out of your shell and otherwise improve your social life.

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