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Timothy Duma : The Importance of Dispute Management

Timothy Duma, Tim Duma

Timothy Duma studied international business through University of Denver. Timothy Duma has years of experience in construction and people management. As a vice president with Hill International, he gained some experience in business management as well. Timothy Duma was a vice president with Hill International for many years. In 2015, Timothy Duma accepted a position with Contraco in Qatar. Timothy Duma is able to lead, train, and manage other professionals. He has experienced with settling disputes as well.

Tim Duma has a Ph.D. in civil engineering and more than two decades of experience in project development and management. Tim Duma has directed several multi-million dollar projects. He has settled disputes with clients, colleagues, and other professionals. Dispute management is essential throughout a major project. Project directors are often responsible for ensuring that every aspect of the project runs smoothly. Tim Duma has successfully directed and completed numerous projects throughout his career as a civil engineer and project manager.

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