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Timothy Duma : Construction Entrepreneur

Tim duma, Timothy Duma

Timothy Duma has long possessed the entrepreneurial spirit. Timothy Duma something that has driven his efforts, and his success, throughout his more than 30-year construction career. Timothy Duma owner of a successful residential and commercial construction firm for more than 20 years, Timothy Duma now pursues his passion construction management as Managing Member of FOF Investments, LLC.

Timothy Duma built his first company, Timothy Duma Construction, Inc., from the ground up, turning an unknown operation in 1987 into a thriving, reputable and profitable venture, one that enjoyed a tenure of success lasting more than two decades.

Timothy Duma has since been an integral component of both FOF Investments and Timothy Duma LLC, offering the benefit of years of experience and expertise in high-quality construction to both. Though his tenure with Timothy Duma ended in 2016, Timothy Duma continues to be an invaluable member of the FOF team, where he currently works as Project Executive for Winmar Construction. Timothy Duma is responsible for the oversight of many million-dollar projects across the Denver area.

An avid entrepreneur, Timothy Duma has enjoyed the chance to build projects for many famous architects throughout his career, including such notable names as Robert Wade, Maurice-Salazar and Pedro Bravo.

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