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Tim Duma - Ways of Fighting Obesity

· Obesity

Tim Duma is a patient of obesity and In the past few years, health experts and researchers have sounded the alarm over rising levels of obesity among adults and children,

When it comes to tackling obesity, it is agreed that prevention is the best way for dealing with it. The goal is to find an energy balance that individuals can maintain throughout their lives. The following are some of the general recommendations that have proved effective in combating obesity.

Increase consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Currently, individuals are encouraged to eat more vegetables and fruits, as well as nuts, whole grains and legumes. One way to make veggies more desirable is to grow them yourself. You are more inclined to eat them when you’ve put in the effort to grow them.

Increase physical activity levels

It’s imperative that you increase your fitness levels – at least 20 to 40 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily is appropriate.

Limit intake of processed and junk foods

The sugar, fat, and salt levels found in processed and junk foods are not healthy when consumed consistently, which is why you have to be aware of what you eat. Limit your intake of these foods and choose to eat healthy natural foods.

With these prevention Tim Duma has recovered much from him from obesity and also advise others to take care from obesity. Follow hm on Twitter:

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