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Tim Duma - Operating Your Own Company

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Tim Duma is running his own construction company in Denver, CO. Being a CEO of his company, Tim Duma have to work with clients, develop teams of employees, and start from scratch with each new responsibility.

Here Tim Duma has shared tips for operating your own company in any field.

Start with a plan. This is important because it shows that you understand the work that you’ll need to be doing in order to achieve your goals, and it will actually serve as the foundation for you to achieve those goals as well. Developing a plan will show your clients, potential investors, and even loan agents that you know what it takes to achieve your goals, and you’re taking the endeavor seriously.

Hire the right people for the right positions. Start the hiring process for your company or consulting team as soon as possible so that you can take the proper amount of time to recruit the right people. You’ll need leaders in order to manage the daily operations, and you’ll also need people who really know the field in order to be successful. Find people who share your enthusiasm for the work.

Focus on the client first and foremost: The clients should come before any other part of your business because without them, there is no business. Do your market research so that you can anticipate client changes before they happen, and make sure you know what they want from your services.

Tim Duma was not a born businessman and undergo many challenges when he has started his own company.

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