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Tim Duma - Money Mistakes that Rich Millennial Made

Tim Duma, Timothy Duma

 Tim Duma with the owner of a construction company in Denver, was also a former NASCAR car racer. Tim Duma name counted in top millennial in Denver. If you’re a millennial, but you don’t feel anywhere near to being able to build your own fortune, it might be time to take pointers from those building wealth in your generation. Here Tim Duma sharing two examples of money mistakes that rich millennial's avoid; avoiding such errors yourself will improve your financial outlook and take you one step closer to security.

Overspending on Housing and Transportation – Having a nice house and car makes you feel stable, and it can be how you want to express your newfound financial stability, but overspending on these lifestyle choices can be monetarily disastrous. It’s best to avoid expensive housing and transportation until you can easily handle the extra bills, even if a calamity were to leave you without a job for several months.

Assuming that the Future Will Take Care of You – If you live your life assuming that you’ll have money later, you will never have money. To build your wealth, you must begin your empire, and the best time to start is now. Putting off your financial journey only means that you’ll have less time to save for retirement.

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