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Tim Duma - Investing Tips for Beginners

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Tim Duma is running his own real estate and housing development company in Denver. Tim Duma works as CEO, project manager and designer in his company and years of experience of working on different projects. Here he is sharing tips for young investors yo invest in the real estate market:

Start Small

Regardless of the amount of money you are able to commit to investing, you should always start small so you can get a feel for how various markets work and what you actually need to do to both make an investment and reap the benefits. Trying to invest heavily without building this familiarity can lead to costly mistakes.

Research Every Decision

Some investors get so caught up in the rush to take advantage of new opportunities that they forget to conduct adequate research. You should understand as much as possible about the investment opportunity, the people behind it and any risks that the investment carries before you make any decisions. Don’t skimp on research and be wary of anybody who tries to rush you into an investment.


As you become more comfortable with investing you should start increasing the amount you invest in accordance with your budget. The key mistake to avoid here is investing all of your resources into one opportunity. This places you at increased risk of losing everything should things not turn out as you had hoped.

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