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Tim Duma - How to Clean up Your Diet?

Tim Duma is a health-focused businessman who enjoys his life in the Denver city. Though Tim Duma appreciates the abundant selection of healthy restaurants in his area, he’s also fond of cooking from home and he uses healthy recipes to keep his body and mind in top shape.

Interested in learning to cook so you can clean up your diet and look your best? Healthy cooking tips like these will help you follow the lead of healthy life:

Start Simple

Pick simple recipes to begin with – salad, stir-fry and smoothies, for example – and learn a few favorite meals that you can eventually make without recipes. This will give you something to fall back on when you’re not up to trying something new, following a recipe and measuring several ingredients.

Once you’re versed with your simple standbys, experiment with slight modifications so you can switch up dinner without hitting the internet or your cookbook for ideas. This should help you get comfortable enough to try cooking more complicated meals in the future.

Cook with Friends

If you’re lucky enough to have healthy friends like Tim Duma, invite them over to cook dinner with you. Otherwise, invite those close to you over to learn to make healthy recipes with you and maybe inspire them to change how they eat too! Whatever the case, cooking with friends can bring fun into the kitchen and motivate you to eat well.

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