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Tim Duma - How to Become more Efficient

Tim Duma, Timothy Duma

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Tim Duma is a famous NASCAR car racer and operating his own construction company in Denver, CO, By focusing on efficiency in both his personal and professional lives, Timothy Duma moves up quickly in the workplace and accomplishes more in pursuing his hobbies. Tips like those become can help you follow Mr. Kashubara’s example and apply efficiency to your own life:

Don’t Multitask.

Multitasking feels intense and it can fool you into thinking that you’re being efficient, but focusing on one task at a time can help you accomplish it faster. With concentrated effort, you can breeze through something that might otherwise require twice as long if you insist on multitasking.

Delegate Tasks.

Taking on more than you can accomplish, whether it’s responsibilities at work or DIY projects at home – or both – can kill efficiency. Those who get the most done are not afraid to delegate tasks. Delegating tasks empowers others, which is integral in the workplace, and saves your time. Think of time as money and spend it where you’ll get the best value.

Communicate Well.

Inefficient communication can waste hours, if not days, of time. A “quick” email full of confusing instructions or offensive, taciturn language can add unnecessary time to a project or communication. Learn to think your communications through and learn to say what you mean clearly – this will save you time in the big picture.

Efficiency does more than gives you more time – it makes you stand out to employers. Those who focus on it, like Tim Duma, can accomplish more than their peers in shorter periods of time, and such productivity is hard for an employer to miss.

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