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Tim Duma - Deep Sea Fishing

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Tim Duma went on his first deep sea fishing trip when he was ten years old near Miami. The trip was equally exciting for him as it was relaxing for his family, who grew up fishing off of boats and in rivers. Tim Duma is now the owner of a home construction company in Denver Colorado. Although he loves to fish in lakes and in small streams whenever he can, he especially loves taking his boat and fishing for larger fish in deep waters. Timothy Duma taught his children and wife how to make use of the larger-scale fishing equipment he outfitted his boat with so they could enjoy the ocean with him.


Tim Duma got the prerequisite permits for his equipment and his boat to handle larger fish and larger quantities of fish and started taking his family out with him every weekend. He has never had a problem with sea sickness or dealing with the fish once they’re out of the water on the deck of his boat. He has proper storage spaces for the fish and never over-fishes his limit as a semi-commercial fisherman. Usually he sells some of his catch at a discount to a few local fish markets he helped set up as a venture capital investor in the area, but the rest he keeps for himself and his family.


Tim Duma has a long career with NASCAR before starting his own home construction company in Denver, Colorado.

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