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Tim Duma - Art Form and Lifestyle

Tim Duma has lived in New York, NY for many years. He is committed to living a healthy lifestyle, and makes nutrition and exercise a central part of his daily routine.

Like a lot of Americans, he does not own an automobile, and drives only for his passion. Instead he relies on the city’s excellent mass transit system to get around town. For shorter excursions, though, he does most of his transportation via his trusty skateboard.

What he likes best about this mode of transportation is that his skateboard allows him to get from Point A to Point B, and have get some exercise and fun along the way. Boarding enthusiasts like Tim Duma say that skateboarding is an art form, a lifestyle, and a sub-culture, all rolled into one.

Because there are so many variables involved, it isn’t easy to calculate just how many calories you burn by riding a skateboard. One rider made skate harder than the next. Or a rider may skate harder on Tuesday and than he or she did on Monday. And the style of skating on the streets of New York, NY is different than the style of skating at a skate park. Even with all of those variables taken into consideration, however, skateboarding burns up a lot more calories than most other physical activities, and that has great appeal to a health and fitness enthusiast like Tim Duma. Follow him on below sites:

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