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Tim Duma: 3 Ways to Manage and Motivate your Team


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Tim Duma is the Director and CEO of construction company in Denver. Tim Duma has found many different ways to motivate and manage his project management team throughout his career effectively. Here are three ways to effectively manage and motivate project management team in any context:

Understand staff members’ personalities.Tim Duma routinely takes the time to understand his staff and how they work best together. Tim Duma with his team project managers often conduct team-building exercises to get to know each other and understand how they can perform best as a team. This is a basic requirement of any team leader in any context.

Tailor rewards and motivators to the individuals in the team. Different methods of motivation and reward systems work better or worse in different teams. Part of the difficult part of being a leader in any context is finding out what motivates your team members to create success in the short and long term.

Create competition. One of the oldest tricks in the book for managing a team to excellence is to foster competition. You can go too far on this track, of course, but finding ways to get coworkers to compete for the best performance is a good way to motivate and manage a team.

Tim Duma understand the value of good atmosphere in any company and usually like to spent time with his employees.

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